UX Sofia Sponsorship

About the event

UX Sofia is an international conference for UX design and usability. This is the 9th edition of the event. The lecturers are mainly from abroad - leading practitioners in user interaction design and UX design.


Lucrat events attract an audience of young, active professionals. They are owners of small and medium IT companies, online stores and services, developers, designers, project managers and team leads, IT professionals from telecommunication and financial companies, over 350 people for the 3 days of the conference.

The event is announced in Bulgarian and international UX community and has channels and fans in all popular social networks through which reaches many more people.

Why become a sponsor?

Your brand will be associated with one of the hottest topics – UX (user experience).

You will become recognizable as a generous company that invests in UX training. This will make you more desirable as a provider of products, services and as an employer.

Some of the companies that have supported us