UX Sofia Seminar

November 9 2018, Hotel Hilton Sofia
Moderators: Mariana Ivanova & Dimiter Simov

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Keynote: Smart Responsive Interface Design Patterns
Vitaly Friedman
Smashing Magazine's Co-Founder, Editor, Writer, Speaker

You're a smart cookie. If someone asks you to build a responsive accordion, you'll figure it out. The same goes for a table. Or a calendar. Or, God forbid, a multi-level-mega-drop-down. But how would you go around slightly more complicated components?

What if you had to build a sophisticated car configurator with a real-time updated 3D view? What about an advanced mortgage calculator? How about a feature comparison table, a music festival schedule, an election map, an airfare booking and check-in, a live world football championship leaderboard and a theatre map seat selection? In this session, we'll take a microscopic examination of common interface components and problems appearing in responsive user interfaces.

We'll cover them all: both from the design and from the development perspective — with a dash of . Keep in mind: you won't be able to unsee the things you'll see in this session. Yes, it's going to be dirty, tricky and horribly annoying at times. You'll leave with a toolbox of practical techniques that you'll be able to apply to your work right away. And potentially some tips for saving money on airfare, too!
How might we apply design thinking to daily work?
Merve PostalciogluIndependent UX Consultant and Design Thinking Trainer @mervepost
Design Thinking is a way to be creative and innovative for everyone. By this methodology, people learn how to use designers' toolkit during their projects. Nowadays, it's popular around companies, that create especially digital products. So, as designers, developers, product managers who aren't working in a design-oriented company, how might we apply this methodology to our work? In this talk, you'll learn some design thinking tools that you can use in your projects and how can you get advantages from design thinking as individuals. You'll dive deep into design thinking mindsets that help your daily work.

Presentation: Design Thinking (PDF, 8.1 MB)
On Building Chatbots
Georgi Varzonovtsev – Senior Principal UX at Progress Software

The talk is going to cover the story of creating a few chatbots and a platform for building chatbots. How do traditional usability best practices fit into this new UI paradigm? How do clients, developers and end users adapt and learn this new way to interact with computers?

Presentation: On Building Chatbots (PPTX, 19.51 KB)
How Green Was My Delusion: The False Consensus Effect
Dean Schuster – Founder and partner of Truematter

Most websites, apps, and software are hard to use. Some are totally maddening. Why is that? Before you answer, let me tell a story about an awkward, feeble Valentine's Day gift I once gave my Fiancé. It sheds remarkable light on the problem of bad user experience. Really.

My story will warn you of the dangerous False Consensus Effect, which can ruin digital products before a single line of code is written. Heed my advice and you will avoid this trouble. Even better, you will forevermore give the BEST gifts.

Presentation: How Green Was My Delusion (PDF, 18.1 MB)

The Keys to Great User Experience
Peter Shepherd – Lead designer for VMware

Creating a user experience requires a designer to balance. If you balance several keys well, you can unlock a great experience for your users. We'll explore these keys with examples of designing at VMware during this wild ride transforming the IT world with virtualization and cloud computing.

Presentation: The Keys to Great User Experience (PDF, 54.6 MB)

Designing for Performance
Gennadiy VorobyovCEO at Netpeak Bulgaria

The presentation is about the importance of mobile performance for organic results and conversion rate for eCommerce projects. We will see a list of case studies with a correlation of mobile speed and organic visibility, what happens with the mobile organic traffic after a responsive design is launched and the last case is a performance comparing after the redesign of responsive version.

Presentation: Design for Performance (PDF, 7.7 MB)
EthUX – the ethics of user experience
Eric Reiss – Partner at FatDUX

As technologists, we wield great power. And we have an ethical responsibility to use this power wisely. Alas, most people are confused by terms such as “morals" and “ethics." What is the difference? How can I apply this to my own work? With over three decades of experience in user experience, Eric has identified the “seven deadly sins" of UX which he wants to share with you – to make you a better UX designer and to help you build a better world.

Presentation: Ethics and UX (PDF, 12.3 MB)
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