June 16 2017, Hotel Holiday Inn Sofia
Moderator: Martina Mitz
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Content Bricks: From Simplicity to complexity
Ram Almog: The Founder at Red-Interactive

Creating a scalable infrastructure for massive content development.
In this lecture we will demonstrate how to create a smart scalable architecture for massive content projects. Drawing from our vast experience in commercial educational projects we will show how the right infrastructure can enable future business flexibility that will maintain the value of quality content in an ever changing media environment.
Caveman UX: Designing for Humans' Prehistoric Baggage
Sophia Voychehovski: The founder of Rewired.

Creating We humans evolved in the unfortunate constraints of the physical world. But digital spaces don't have to follow all those petty rules of physics. Awesome! In digital spaces, you can teleport with hyperlinks! You can be in two (or more) places at once thanks to video chat and social media! You can freakin' undo dumb mistakes and autocorrect your terrible spelling! Digital spaces make magic possible.
But here's the thing. Sometimes the magic we create is confusing and disorienting. Even though our digital world is liberated from physical constraints, perhaps we designers should hang on to some of those petty rules of physics. Sure, let's ditch the annoying things about meatspace, but let's keep what works. Mainly, let's keep what our poor lizard brains are always going to assume about any space — physical or digital.
Based on Sophia's work in bringing object-oriented principles to UX, this talk explores how to align design with how humans are wired to perceive environments.
Sophia will outline 10 new design principles that will help you create products and services even a caveman could use.
A Constant State of Change: How designers can help existing organisations to innovate sustainably
Jeroen Van Geel: Creative director and partner at the brand new strategic design studio Oak & Morrow

There are many organizations who have been successful for many years, but at a certain point got stuck in their growth. There have been many attempts in these organizations to innovate and move into new waters. Slowly the energy faded away and now 'innovation' has become the forbidden word, because the mindset is "We tried this already and failed, so why would it work?" We as designers can help these organisations bridge the innovation gap and give them their old energy back, without them having to make huge investments. That's what this talk is all about!

UX Charlatans: How to Spot Them Quickly - and Stop Wasting Time, Money, and Nerves
Martina Mitz: UX Designer and Psychologist

User Experience (UX) is probably one of the fastest evolving and most exciting disciplines to be a part of these days. As the practical value of UX-work has become more and more obvious in the past few years, the demand for UX Designers and Experts has grown exponentially. Unfortunately, there are hardly any official educational paths or certifications yet and the confusion around UX is very broad - UX is becoming a buzzword. As a result, the market is not only confused or has at best a very narrow understanding of the term, but this also offers a soil for many amateurs and fake representatives of the discipline to evolve.

Over the past few years, I have had the (dis)pleasure to meet and work with some highly promoted UX Charlatans, so that over time I started spotting the patterns - some of their similarities and tactics. My aim is to share my observations in this presentation, in the hope to save you some time, money, and frustration - no matter if you are an evolving UX Designer or a Business/Project owner in need of UX expertise.

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Sketching immersive experiences: From concept to VR prototype in 15 minutes
Dobrian Dobrev: UX Designer, OSI

User As designers, we are currently faced with the challenge of bringing our skillset to the physical world. This lightning talk will showcase some quick techniques and resources when it comes to prototyping an immersive experience within a VR/AR environment.

Hotel Holiday Inn Sofia
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