Ram Almog
Founder at Red-Interactive, a UX studio
based in Tel Aviv, Israel

Ram Almog is a founder at Red-Interactive, a digital agency that creates products and services from concept to implementation. He consults start-ups on business strategies, marketing, digital products, and technology. Ram's main focus is on Ed-Tech, and he has created educational products that are used all over the world. In 2014, he took on another role as CEO of ToBe Education, a company that turns lessons into exciting role playing games. Ram's work can be seen at red-id.com, and to-be-education.com. Ram speaks and runs workshops all over the world.
In 2016 he spoke at webexpo in Prague and ran a workshop at produtized in Lisbon.
Sophia Voychehovski
Founder of Rewired, a UX studio based in Atlanta, GA.
Rewired consults to clients that are innovating in education, health, and the Atlanta community. She's often traveling across the United States or around the world, teaching her object-oriented UX methodologies, which have steadily gathered steam since her first talk in 2013. When at home, she's mentoring, leading the Atlanta chapter of Ladies that UX, or working on designing new life-hacking frameworks.
Before founding Rewired to focus on the little guys, Sophia led UX efforts for goliath clients such as AT&T, Napa Auto Parts, the Internal Revenue Service, the Australian Tax Office, and Blue Cross Blue Shield. She also served as a leader on the CNN.com UX team, most notably architecting the responsive design that presented results for the 2012 presidential elections. In 2016, Sophia returned to CNN.com as a consultant, leading the UX for the 2016 election results.

Jeroen Van Geel
Creative director and partner at the brand new strategic design studio Oak & Morrow.

He has many years of experience in the field as an interaction designer, strategist and agile scrum master. Jeroen is an international speaker and writer on the field of interaction design and has a great interest in the world of product personality. He has pushed forward many design projects, ranging from the award winning products and services for Dutch public transport authority 9292 to the innovative automated border control systems at Schiphol Airport. His goal is to return a bit of wonder into the world, even if it is just for himself.

Martina Mitz
UX Designer and Psychologist
Martina started as a self-taught Web Designer in 2001. From the very beginning her approach was user-centered despite not being familiar with the now-common phrase of 'user experience'. In 2007 she finalized her study in Psychology and started working in the field of clinical Psychology. It was at this point that Martina's academic background and her passion joined and she started a career as UX Designer, being called "Conceptioner" at first. Since then Martina has contributed to the digital and service ecosystems of many recognizable companies such as eBay, PayPal, Emirates Airlines, Volkswagen, Telekom and many more. Finally, discovering a growing UX community in her birth-town Sofia and hosting the conference UX Sofia for the past few years has inspired her into giving something back by taking a more active role as a speaker and workshop facilitator.
Mariana Ivanova
Interaction Designer, SAP
I am a fairy. An experience junkie. Acro yoga monkey. Sound crazy, yes definately I admit I am crazy. Crazy about design thinking, passionate to spread it. Why? Because it's a simple tool for solving problems. But not just that, its a process in which people rediscover their creativity. And thats my mission to aspire creativity so that every human being has the confidence to create experiences in the world we live in.
Dobrian Dobrev
UX Designer, OSI
I've been working in the field of UX Design for the last 5 years and previously I worked as an Infographic Designer & Information Architect. I've been a speaker at UX conferences - UXify 2016 & Lunch&Learn UX seminars to name a few. I am teaching a course in UX Design for 5 Bachelor Programs at the New Bulgarian University. I also write articles regarding UX Design and Information Architecture for prototypr and other digital medias.

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