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Quantum Design II Workshop

Ekaterina Mitova and Dimiter Simov – Jimmy will look at how the object-oriented analysis can help us improve the way we design. This workshop is a practical sequel to the Quantum Design session.

Using exercises, we will explain the object-oriented approach as a method of deconstruction of a problem space. We illustrate it by analyzing a real-life domain by breaking it down to four types of building blocks:
  • Objects = the things that constitute the domain;
  • Attributes = the various characteristics of the objects;
  • Relationships = the connections between the objects;
  • Actions = the ways to manipulate the objects.

During the workshop we will go through the steps of the object-oriented approach. At then of the day we will have a domain model that can directly be used to design the architecture, interaction, UI, and documentation of a website, application, service, or physical place.

You will:
  • Try the object-oriented approach end-to-end;
  • Acquire the basic skills for performing object analysis;
  • Learn a new way for evaluating existing products and content for gaps;
  • Broaden your perspective – you will be able to have a more holistic view of the products that you are working on;
  • Add a useful tool to your designer kit.
UX Sofia 2020