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Thank you for your interest in volunteering. We are not looking for more volunteers at the moment.
If you are interested in future events, please email us at

Why to become volunteer?

If you want to participate in UX Sofia for free, volunteer your time, talent, and expertise and help us organize the event. As a volunteer you get full access to the event - all 4 workshops and the seminar day - in exchange for your work.
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Volunteer positions

We offer the following volunteer positions:

Content creator

As a content creator you create text and video content for announcing and promoting UX Sofia in Bulgaria and internationally. You will communicate with the organizers, all speakers, partners, and sponsors to present and announce them, their workshops, talks and all the benefits that attendees will get at UX Sofia. We need your help as soon as you are available until the end of November 2022.
Types of content you would create:
  • Short presentations and announcements of people, workshops, topics, perks.
  • Short video interviews with key people such as speakers, ex attendees, UX Sofia team members.
  • Articles presenting the event.
All content will be created in English and will be published online as blog and social media posts or shared via email.

Social media enthusiast

We need you to create, manage, regularly publish, and promote UX Sofia content in our social spaces @ Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. You will work closely with the UX Sofia team and will cooperate with the Content creator and the Visual design creator. We need your help as soon as you are available until the end of November 2022.
The types of content that will be announced and promoted:
  • Speakers, workshops, seminar talks videos, pictures, and text presentations.
  • Reminders, promotions, and announcements for UX Sofia registrations.
  • Perks and benefits from sponsors and partners.

Visual design creator

We need beautiful and compelling visual materials for presenting, marketing, and promoting the event. You will cooperate mainly with the Social media enthusiast and the Content creator. We need your help as soon as you are available until the end of November 2022.
Types of visuals may include:
  • Social media banners.
  • Pictures of speakers UX Sofia pictures from previous events.
  • Attendee name tags.
  • Documents and presentations templates.

Registration manager

During the workshops and the seminar day, we need your help for welcoming and registering attendees and for answering attendee questions. We have a team of 2 people at the registration desk. The UX Sofia team members are also always around to help. We need your help on 15, 16, 17 and 18 November 2022.
The tasks may include: 
  • On 15, 16 and 17 November, the day before the workshops and the seminar, prepare and organize the registration desk. This includes lists of attendees, perks from partners and sponsors, name tags with lanyards and other related items. Preparation usually takes about 1 hour for the workshops and 3 – 4 hours for the seminar day.


We need you to take beautiful photos of speakers and attendees catching the atmosphere and key moments during the workshops on 16 and 17 November and the seminar day on 18 November at the event venue. We will expect you to also prepare the photos for sharing on social media. We use the photos also in our websites, emails, presentations, and offers.

How to become a volunteer?

Tell us how you want to help us organize UX Sofia 2022 – what you can do, how much time you are ready to invest, what will make you happy and satisfied with your participation as a volunteer. If you have any suggestions, questions or concerns, do not hesitate to contact us. 
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