Издание 2022   Сесия на конференциятаДен 3 (18 ноември, 2022)11:30-12:00 EET

Detecting and addressing misinforming outcomes in designing sustainable applications


Misinforming is the case in which the information provided is correct and useful, but it is understood and interpreted wrongly. This talk is motivated by the following observations:

  1. Becoming misinformed as a user by a service leads to dissatisfaction regarding the service and often resistance to using it.
  2. Understanding the fact of misinforming results in learning about how to use the service the next time, or how to use other services.
  3. Recurrent use of a service may result in adaptations of user-service interactions in ways that reduce the risk of misinforming. This form of learning may serve not only the given user, but his/her entire user-category. In other words, learning by misinforming is a two-sided process.

The talk will focus on four practical issues:

  1. User categories relevant to misinforming;
  2. Risks associated with each user category;
  3. Ways of classifying a specific user to a specific category.
  4. Ideas about implementing changes in user interfaces per user category to improve user experience and reduce the environmental footprint of the application.
проф. Димитър Христозов

проф. Димитър Христозов

Professor at AUBG

Dimitar Christozov is a Professor of Computer Science at the American University in Bulgaria, since 1993. He is the leading person in developing the Computer Science (1993) and Information Systems (2008) majors.

He has more than 40 years of research and educational experience in computer science, applied statistics, and information systems. His Ph.D. thesis is “Computer Aided Evaluation of Machine Reliability” and D.Sc. thesis, “Quantitative measures of the quality of informing”. His recent interests are in the field of business analytics and data science.
Professor Christozov has more than 150 publications. He is editor of Interdisciplinary Journal of Information, Knowledge and Management (IJIKM) and associate editor of Journal of Computer Information Systems (JCIS) and International Journal of Digital Literacy and Digital Competences (IJDLDC).

He is a founding member and fellow of Informing Science Institute and holder of the Zbigniew Gackowski Memorial Award for excellence and the advancement of Informing Science. He is a founding member and fellow of Applied Knowledge Management Institute where he was awarded for Life-long academic achievements. He is also founding member of the Bulgarian Statistical Society and the Bulgarian Telework Association.