Get a little more from what you love

All participants of both the workshops and the seminar will participate and receive additional perks.

For all

Every participant will receive the following perks.
  1. UX Sofia T-shirt provided by Paysafe.
  2. 20% discount code for Rosenfeld.
  3. 60-day fully featured licenses of
  4. $200 off for Rewired's Self-Paced OOUX Masterclass.

Lottery based

On the 3rd day, we will draw the winners at random.
  1. 5x DiFOLD Origami Bottle.
  2. 5x Sketch subscription for 12 months.
  3. 5x E-books from Rosenfeld.
  4. 1x Freelancer plan for one year.

Mentormate's lottery

Visit Mentormate booth on the 18th of November to join their lottery.
  1. 1x iPad Mini (6th Generation) from MentorMate and 3x pack of craft beers and a backpack.

First come, first served

If interested, reach us at
  1. 4x 50% discount code for Rewired's Self-Paced OOUX Masterclass.
Join the UX Sofia 2022 stage this November! We are looking for proposals for short talks and workshops.
We are planning two days of workshops on 16 and 17 November and a seminar day of talks and discussions on 18 November.
We are open for proposals from the entire field of UX. We are especially interested in speakers who want to share their own successes or failures with various UX methods and projects. We are especially interested in exploring the relationship between UX and sustainability.
How can we as designers, researchers, and creators deliver products and services that are not draining the resources of the planet and offer good experiences to their users. All about this year’s focus and the event.
If you have a topic that you are passionate about and want to present it or an idea for an interactive training that you want to offer, please send us your proposal! If you want to propose several topics, please submit each one separately.
Apply to become a speaker