РаботилницаДен 2 (17 ноември, 2022)9:00-13:00 EETИздание: 2022

Designing components, from idea to documentation


Why is it worth designing efficient and scalable components?
Are you struggling designing components in a way that makes sense? Usually, there’s not just one way of designing. It is important, though, to have a system in place that allows you to think, design and document components that are future-proof, but also proven to work in real-world scenarios.
Javier will help you get there by translating his experience designing systems used by millions of people around the world. We will design and dissect components so we can understand what’s the role of their different parts. We will prepare our Figma file so it can support and encourage this by keeping a proper document organisation.
Finally, we will document our designs, so they are useful to understand how they work showing how to use them to get a consistent and coherent product.

The workshop includes

  • Workshop slides with practical examples.
  • A Figma file you can duplicate and adjust to your needs.
  • Live, interactive sessions.
  • Hands-on exercises and reviews.
  • All workshop recordings.
  • A participation certificate.
  • Several improvised jokes.


  • Create scalable and modular components that support different outcomes from the same shared base.
  • Make designs that are ready for the real-world and can gracefully handle different scenarios.
  • Keep a clean and tidy Figma file where there are naming conventions and an organised way of working.
  • Leverage Figma’s capabilities in a way that benefits our own approach to organizing the components.
  • Document designs and components, so it’s easy and useful for designers and non-designers alike.

Target audience and takeaway
This workshop is for interface designers, UX designers and front-end developers who’d love to understand how to make scalable and efficient designs prepared for real-world conditions. You’ll walk away with clear ideas, techniques and resources on how to improve your current projects in a way that reflects a systematic approach to design.