Сесия на конференциятаДен 3 (18 ноември, 2022)14:00-14:30 EETИздание: 2022

Life-Centered Design. What it is, how it works and why we need it now more than ever.


The earth has accelerated far past all estimations of global warming. We’re rapidly closing in on critical tipping points that will impact the planet for thousands of years. As designers, our jobs are no longer about preventing climate change but designing products and systems that can operate in this new reality. In this new world, products and systems must be resilient, adaptable, and regenerative. Humanity’s survival as a species and our ability to undo some of the harm we’ve caused depends on it.

Life-centered design offers us one method to accomplish this. In this talk, we will unpack what the core disciplines of the practice are, how they are integrated, and why we need them now more than ever.