РаботилницаДен 1 (16 ноември, 2022)14:00-18:00 EETИздание: 2022

Tackling the Maddening Problem of Digital Product Access (online)


Most people struggle accessing digital products. Basic tasks like sign-up, log-in, and password recovery confound, frustrate, and enrage users. UX professionals must do everything in their power to reduce this pain.

It is a tough problem to solve. We want approachable, easy-to-use products, but we can’t sacrifice security. The access barriers we put in place affect usability. Because access is typically handled by development and security teams, our job is even harder. These teams approach the problem technically, not in terms of human experience.

In this workshop, we’ll explore how we can make sign-up, log-in, and password recovery easier for people while still ensuring proper technical and security quality. We’ll cover practical topics including:

  • Auditing Your Access Experience
  • Taking a Multi-Channel Approach
  • Designing for Failure
  • Changing your Approach to Language and Words
  • Adopting UX Best Practices
  • Avoiding Common Pitfalls
  • Testing Your Access Process

You’ll come away from this workshop with practical knowledge, ready to lead your organization to tackle the access problem. You may find some of the ideas and recommendations surprising. They may push you out of your comfort zone.