UX Sofia Seminar

8 November 2019, Hotel Hilton Sofia
Moderators: Mariana Ivanova & Dimiter Simov

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Marianne Sweeny
Search Information Architect

Have you noticed that the SEO down the hall is a lot more interested in what you do and how? That's because the online search engines have switched from a link-based model of deciding who gets the top spot in search results to one tht relies on user behavior. Of course, there is a catch and that is the search engine reliance on a quantified-self, metrics-based, user and not the human users for whom we design online experience.

In this presentation, we'll explore what user engagement data is collected by search engines and how they use this to determine the optimal user experience when ranking relevant search results. Next we'll explore how UX and SEO professionals might work together to ensure that customers find the client site so to experience it.

UX is SEO Presentation
Simple but effective psychology for UX Designers
Dimo Georgiev
Founder and partner of UXP

Today "empathy" is a buzzword and we know understanding human behaviour is crucial for creating customer-centric digital products. What if there was an easy to understand psychology model that is more practical than philosophical?
I want to share with you the simplest ever psychology model and how you can use it in User Experience design to create products that makes the users feel great!

Presentation Simple but effective psychology for UX Designers
Design Leadership
Paula Mariani
Paula is the founder of To be Radiant, a space for design leadership development.

Beyond information and pieces of advice, I'd like to showcase practices that helped me build leadership qualities.

A few key points:
  • Leading a team as a personal development journey.
  • How to using UX methods to develop yourself and your team.
  • Critical challenges for a design leader.
How generative design and infinite compute power will radically change the way we design
Oliver Wenz
Director UX at VMware.

The Bias Talk
Dimiter Simov (Jimmy)
Usability believer, Product experience expert at SAP

Human biases are amazing patterns in our behavior and thinking. For example, the availability heuristic bias makes us think that the easier it is to recall something the greater its importance must be. It is also a fact that we are transferring our biases to our creations – designs, applications, documentation, AI - unless we make explicit debiasing efforts.

Most researchers classify these as errors and deviations. Our point of view differs. Join the session for an overview of these super-fast decision-making shortcuts, more examples, and discussions.

The Bias Talk Presentation
Why UX Matters: The Chips and Pickle Story
Dean Schuster
Founder and partner of truematter

The smallest UI decisions are enormously important. In fact, they can even mean the difference between life and death. Together, we'll explore major impact stemming from minor UI blunders. Along the way we'll encounter jet fighters, nuclear power plants, missile alert systems, and the cash register at Jason's Deli. Because interfaces are so central to modern life, our day-to-day work has great purpose and value. We banish interface rage. We help businesses save and make serious money. We keep people safe from disaster and yes, even pickles. You hardly need a better reason to get up in the morning.

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