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Marianne Sweeny · Dimiter Simov · Angelina Ivancheva · Irina Gerdjikova · Dean Schuster · Dimiter Simov · Ekaterina Mitova · Javier Cuello · Dimo Georgiev · Oliver Wenz
Marianne Sweeny
Search Information Architect
Marianne Sweeny considers herself to be a Search Information Architect with a focus on human factors as well as structure and system functionality. While studying for her Masters of Library and Information Science, she noted strong intersections between information retrieval, information architecture, search engine optimization. Her new mission became building bridges between these professional communities.

Marianne has brought her passion to positions as Web producer, strategist and principal consultant for large software companies, global digital marketing agencies as well as startups. In all roles, she brings an IA-, UX- and content strategy-forward approach to enhancing client site engagement and online visibility. Because, visitors and future customers must be able to find your experience in order to experience it.

While at Microsoft, Marianne co-founded Microsoft Information Architects, an internal cross-discipline community dedicated to best practices of IA. She co-chaired the 2017 Vancouver BC IA Summit and is a past President of the IA Institute.
Spring quarter finds her teaching graduate-level Introduction to Information Retrieval at the University of Washington Information School.

Workshop: UX is Now MX (how user experience influences machine intelligence)
Seminar: UX is SEO
Angelina Ivancheva & Irina Gerdjikova
UX test
UX consultants and partners at
As usability consultants and partners @Lucrat Angelina and Irina live and breathe usability testing. They have planned, designed, and conducted hundreds of usability tests and observed thousands of users interacting with various digital products.
Their skill for pinpointing the real problems behind what people say and do has helped many companies to improve their products and bottom lines.

Workshop: How to do UX testing
Dean Schuster
Founder and partner of truematter
Founder and partner of truematter, a user experience strategy firm, Dean has been advocating for user-centered digital products his entire career. He oversees truematter's UX practice, leading strategic engagements for innovative regional organizations as well as the Fortune 100.

Workshop: Metrics, Measurement and Return on Investment: Proving the value of Improved User Experience.

Seminar: Why UX Matters: The Chips and Pickle Story
Dimiter Simov (Jimmy)
Usability believer, Product experience expert at SAP
I am helping the teams that are building SAP Cloud Platform help the users of the platform be better at their own jobs. This means usability in particular and user experience in general. I am also knee-deep in the human side of chatbots - looking for ways to make chatbots truly conversational.

Workshop: Debiasing: Addressing Cognitive Biases in UX
Semnar: The Bias Talk

Ekaterina Mitova
Senior User Assistance Developer at SAP
I started as an information developer. Then, a couple of years later, I switched to development, only to realize that information development is my true passion. Or in other words, I love to provide help that really helps. In the last couple of years, I am working mostly on chatbots, conversational UI and AI.

Workshop: Debiasing for Humans
Javier Cuello
UX designer specializing in mobile
Designer from Argentina, Javier lived 7 years in Barcelona, where he worked for projects for both startups and big companies such as Zara, Telefonica, Yahoo and FC Barcelona.
Javier travelled to Barcelona to specialise in mobile design, learning UX for apps since the first versions of iOS and Android. All his experience was put into 'Designing Mobile Apps' a book he co-wrote with José Vittone.

The repercussions of this project took him to make part of different design events and conferences around the world, such as Colombia 3.0, UX Spain, UX Sofia and Campus Party (Ecuador and Brazil) among others.
Javier has taught design at ELISAVA and IED, the two most well- known design schools in Barcelona. Besides this, he has held and co-organised design workshops in more than 15 countries around the world, from Cuba to China.

Finally, if you are curious on learning more about how Javier thinks about design, you can read some of the articles he has published on Smashing Magazine. (The other option would be to invite him for a coffee or beer, that he'll gladly accept!).

Workshop: Design Systems
Dimo Georgiev
Founder and partner of UXP
I have been inspired by design since I was a teenager. Burning in this area for almost two decades and after a long journey through multiple design disciplines, I am currently running a studio in Sofia that helps product companies create amazing digital experiences through seamless user experience & front-end. Among our clients are SaaS companies, manufacturers, financial institutions, government institutions, healthcare, retail, and others. I am a speaker and a strong advocate for applying psychology in designing products, services and business models.

Workshop: Looking beyond human behaviour

Seminar: Simple but effective psychology for UX Designers
Oliver Wenz
Director UX at VMware
Together with his global design team Oliver delivers simple, intuitive and memorable experiences at scale. His expertise is in cloud based applications, enterprise collaboration, online meetings, unified communications, video conferencing and mobile applications.

Oliver is a SXSW speaker and TED Summit workshop host. He is passionate about solving today's everyday problems through design, technology and innovation.

Seminar: How generative design and infinite compute power will radically change the way we design
Paula Mariani
Paula is a Founder of To be Radiant, a space for design leadership development.
I'm Paula Mariani. I look for practices that help us connect with our unique leadership style.
Over the past seven years, I lead the User Experience field in my work environment. From cross-functional Product Development teams to plus 200 UXers distributed globally, I learned how to set UX teams in diverse contexts.
As a UX Lead, I am responsible for driving a user-centric culture and developing the Design Leadership across the organization. Apart from this, setting the vision and direction for the UX department and leveling up the practice. These, among others, are my key responsibilities.

I'm the founder of To be Radiant, a space for design leadership development. I'm a User Experience Director @Schibsted (former Adevinta). Kundalini Yoga teacher specialized in Leadership and Success.

Seminar: Design Leadership
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