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UX Sofia 2020

Embodied UX: A recipe to build your next workshop in alignment with your current truth

We will be focusing on the designing of trainings, workshops, events or presentations that are in alignment with your current truth. We will use embodied UX practices to research and set the design foundation for your next event. Finally through the evaluation model you will get ideas and inspiration for the experience you want to create.

What you get?

1. Intro to Embodied Research. I have been practicing embodied decision making in the last 3 years for myself, businessеs, and individuals. I believe this is the future of research. The more technology we have around us and with us (not yet within us), the more, I think, we will be seeking to understand our bodies and our minds. Our bodies are powerful instruments that we can use to tune in the quantum field, sense the invisible, and use it in our design work.

2. Training Alignment Compass. I created this canvas based on my work with trainers. It will help you create the foundation for building a training experience that will reflect you, your purpose of growth, and the transformation you want to create for others. It is a model I built to understand better the trainers I worked with. When I am using the canvas, every interview with a trainer has an eye-opening effect and helps them connect deeply to their why and their way of being while teaching.

3. Holistic Training Experience Evaluation Model. This list of criteria became my evaluation model for preparing feedback for trainers. I have used it to evaluate trainings on design thinking, OOUX, productivity, career change, emotional intelligence, personal development.

After the workshop you will leave the room with a vision of your next own training event. If you are planning your own event soon, this is the place to be. If you are not planning yet, you might get out of the workshop with the willingness to start planning.

Looking forward to meeting you in the quantum field of designing your next big thing.

Speakers: Mariana Ivanova