Seminar ∙ UX Sofia
UX Sofia 2020

15:15 ∙ Beyond Experience Design

Can design have a greater impact in non-commercial settings? That’s what Jim Kalbach, author of Mapping Experiences, pondered when an organization dedicated to countering violent extremism approached him to facilitate a workshop. Jim shares his story of applying design thinking techniques and experience mapping to a very real-world problem: hate.

There are other of examples of using design for social good, and to be sure the concept is not new. But when organizations adopt a shared value mindset we can have an impact from within the companies we work for as well. This is not just a nice-to-have but a competitive advantage driven by a focus on the human experience.

In this talk, Jim will share examples of design for social good and for creating lasting shared value. Overall, he’ll highlight the importance of experience design in helping shift the mindset of businesses around the world.

Speakers: Jim Kalbach