Seminar ∙ UX Sofia
UX Sofia 2020

14:45∙ The Indispensable Principles of Designing Complex, Data-Intensive Interfaces

Complex, data-intensive web applications pose significant, difficult UX challenges. Mission-critical apps often require compact, narrow, crowded interfaces that only a master Excel ninja could love (or use). Welcome to endless data, filters, sorting, tabs, drop-downs, modals, buttons, and voluminous grids. We must accomplish miracles while pleasing users who don’t want to waste a single second. Don’t worry. You CAN make efficient digital products even when faced with these stark challenges. 

In this talk, you’ll learn how users of complex digital products are different. You’ll learn tips, tricks, and secrets to help you define and design compact digital products that help experts get real work done. These principles will change the way you think about constrained interface design. And your users will love you for it.

Speakers: Dean Schuster