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UX Sofia 2020

Dimiter Simov – Jimmy

I am a usability practitioner. I am currently helping the teams behind SAP Cloud Platform make the platform easier to use and better fit to the needs of users. I am fascinated by the human side of chatbots. I am fighting small UX battles every day. For example, I am trying to teach people to be innovative by not anchoring links on meaningless texts such as “here”, “click here”, “more”, and the like.

One of my life beliefs is that IT can be usable. I am also a designer, but I do not design user experiences. I design places in which people create experiences themselves. My job is to create places where people can do their work better than they can do it in other similar places or in the absence of such places. These places are tools through/with/in which people do their job. Thus, my main task as a designer is to help users become better at their job.

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