Seminar ∙ UX Sofia
UX Sofia 2020

11:45 ∙ Design Language – the road from the smallest element to a living application

Design systems provide a shared library of reusable components and guidelines. It helps to build products faster and to ensure a somewhat consistent user experience.

In this lecture Alexander and Assen will talk about the SAP design system – Fiori. They will explain how every UI component from the smallest control to the largest floorplan is translated into technical specifications and design libraries, then utilized in creating our signature applications, and then back to further enriching the design language. Showing various software applications as examples, we will dig into the concrete steps taken to specify this language for technical and design implementation.
You will learn first-hand how a design system is implemented and constantly evolving though its usage inside SAP and by thousands of clients.

Speakers: Assen Tzekin & Alexander Kirichev