Seminar ∙ UX Sofia
UX Sofia 2020

12:45 ∙ Political Change and Design

The Internet was born as a free place; it is not a free place any more. The giant tech companies are manipulating it. Do we as a society want to allow it to continue to be manipulated, or do we want to bring it back to a place of free exploration and expression? How do we want to continue to use new technologies and who will be in control?

The political systems of the world are failing to cope and keep up with the development of technologies and the changes in society. We need a political system that is just and able to keep up with the changes; one that does not follow and catch up but one that moves with the advances in technology; one that allows the society to control technology and support the work of the executive government.

Let's talk about how we can design such a political system and how designers and their methods can help.

Speakers: Peter Klissarov