Seminar ∙ UX Sofia
UX Sofia 2020

10:30 ∙ Quantum Design I

Imagine "to run". You probably see in your mind yourself running, or an athlete crossing the finish line, or a cheetah chasing a gazelle. We are object oriented – we perceive and consume the world through the objects in it. We need an object to show an action. Our perception of the world is built on objects that we can interact with – touch, see, export,… and that have properties – large, blue, nice,… . We are so object-oriented, that we objectify even abstract notions – liberty is a woman waving a flag or holding a torch, and democracy can be built or ruined.

Three basic needs form the backbone of this objectivity: orientation, consistency and organization. It is beneficial for designers to understand the principle of object orientedness and the basic needs and then apply them both in the analysis of the assignment and the place that they need to create or modify. This object-oriented approach to analysis and design breaks down the problem space into objects, their attributes, the relations among the objects and the actions that can be performed with these objects.

You will:
  • Understand the concept of object-orientedness, which is successfully used by programming, design, and documentation;
  • Take a different look at the way you think about content and places;
  • See various examples that illustrate the three basic human needs in a place;
  • Change the way you design and deliver.

Speakers: Dimiter Simov – Jimmy & Ekaterina Mitova