UX Sofia is an international UX (User Experience) conference focusing on design, usability, and user research. It is organized by Lucrat.


The 13th edition of our event revolves around the theme of Strategies – approaches to setting and achieving personal and professional goals in the field of user experience.

Strategic planning serves as a powerful tool, leaving a profound impact on diverse facets of our lives and enhancing our collective well-being as both professionals and individuals. Dedication to a comprehensive, long-term development plan facilitates the cultivation of self-awareness, resilience, skill enhancement, avenues for growth, leadership prowess, and a heightened competitive edge. A well-crafted strategy becomes a guiding vision for a more enriching and successful personal as well as professional life.

UX Sofia 2024 is an energetic and forward-thinking event centered around showcasing strategies, processes, tools, and the integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) for the purpose of fostering both personal and professional advancement. Throughout the event, our esteemed speakers and trainers will actively engage participants in the exploration of innovative strategies geared towards enhancing:
Personal Development in term in the field of user experience: Uncover effective strategies as tools to enhance self-awareness, emotional intelligence, and resilience. Delve into examples and good practices that empower individuals to navigate personal growth successfully.

Professional Development in the field of user experience
: Immerse yourself in diverse ecosystems showcasing examples and best practices for achieving professional and career development. From strategies for skill acquisition to fostering career growth and building leadership skills, discover a shared vision for development that not only promotes adaptability across industries but also elevates job satisfaction and instills a culture of continuous learning.
The goal of UX Sofia has always been to expand skills and build knowledge in the fields of design, user research, and user communication. This goal does not change. We will broaden our horizons this year by focusing on strategies that helps humans to do well and prosper.
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