Edition: 2022   Conference sessionDay 3 (18 November, 2022)13:30-14:00 EET

Pioneering a sustainable future


Sustainability is a big issue for the textiles industry. Clothing production consumes vast quantities of natural non-renewable resources, including water and energy. In addition, the industry is a significant emitter of global greenhouse gas emissions.

Coats is the world’s largest manufacturer and supplier of industrial thread and plays a big part in that industry. Our yarns and threads are essential to many of the world’s clothes. Our global footprint is unrivaled, and we are connected to every link in the supply chain, from raw materials suppliers to brands. For more than 250 years we have been pioneers, setting the standard for quality and performance.

Our prominence brings with it responsibility. We want – and feel a duty – to lead the textiles industry on to a new path of sustainability. In this talk, you will hear about the journey that Coats started in 2018 to address emissions reduction and circularity: we set a series of goals and defined water, energy, effluent and emissions, and social and living sustainably as priority areas. We will give examples of how design and user research help invent soluble threads, light-emitting fabrics, biodegradable polyester yarns, bio-based nylon products and more.

Надя Сеизова

Надя Сеизова

Global product development director at Coats

Nadia Seizova is textile engineer, with 28 years of experience in the textile industry. As a Global product development director in Coats plc, she is leading the product development and optimization and playing a key role in driving innovation sales. Her job is to add value to the company through product lifecycle management, innovation and technical expertise. Coats is the world’s leading industrial thread and yarn company.

Headquartered in the UK, the company operates in some 50 countries, across six continents around the world. Coats provides complementary and value-adding products, services and software solutions to the apparel and footwear industries. Through innovative techniques they develop high technology performance threads, yarns, fabrics, and composites in areas like personal protection, telecoms, energy, transportation, and household and recreation.