Ivan Ginev

Founder and creative director at Cog Graphics, Graphic design lecturer at NBU

Ivan Ginev has been engaged in graphic design for 25 years, and 17 years ago he created his studio Cog Graphics. He has a master’s degree in Print and electronic media design at NBU, where he is currently teaching and working on his dissertation. He often participates in educational initiatives related to the specialty. He has sat on the jury of the “Site of the Year” competition for several years in a row.

Ivan has participated in the construction of some of the most popular media sites in Bulgaria and works on visual solutions for various clients in the country and around the world. He seeks simple visual solutions to complex problems. He believes that good design is the result of knowledge, a rational approach and practical experience, and that the success of a project lies largely in its well-thought-out design.

In his free time, he rides one of his three bicycles and records every kilometer traveled, which is related to the topic of his presentation.


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Calories and Kilometers: The Design of Sports Apps

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