Paula Mariani

UX Fractional Manager, Career strategist

Paula Mariani helps purpose-driven companies achieve better results by applying user-centric design principles to their products and services. She also loves supporting professionals in the digital world in designing their careers and diversifying their career options. She does this because she is convinced that there is a more beautiful way to lead our teams, our lives, and our projects.

As a UX Design Manager, setting up UX teams and design operations in tech companies, she has:

  1. Built and scaled UX teams of 300+ UXers.
  2. Managed and developed  50+ heads and directors of UX.
  3. Promoted 20+ UXers from individual contributors to People Managers.

At some point she realized she wanted to have more time to design a life she didn’t have to take vacation from, so today she:

  • Advises fintech companies, taking fractional management roles in UX and Product Management.
  • Helps people find their place outside of a full-time job, defining together their sustainable exit plan.
  • Develops UX managers and scales UX Teams.


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Designing your work life

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