Stefan Ivanov

Senior Design Manager at Quantive

As a forward-thinking Senior Design Manager at Quantive, my expertise lies in spearheading the discovery and design efforts for our product suite. My tenure at Quantive has been marked by a deep dive into artificial intelligence, where I’ve played a pivotal role in integrating AI to enrich the product experience. This has not only enhanced our offerings but also positioned us at the forefront of innovation in strategy development tools. At Quantive, I lead initiatives that harness AI’s potential to streamline processes, making strategic planning more intuitive and effective for our clients.

My expertise in Human-Computer Interaction and UX Design has been crucial in harnessing the transformative power of AI. With over a decade of dedication as a UX advocate, I bring a wealth of insights from both the trenches of hands-on design and the strategic vantage of management. This dual perspective enriches my approach, allowing me to share comprehensive experiences that span the full spectrum of the UX journey.


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