WorkshopDay 1 (15 November, 2023)9:00 - 13:00 EETEdition: 2023

Usability clinic LIVE

Learn to diagnose, treat and relieve UX pain through usability testing. Practice hands-on with a popular app, work on real use cases, and see immediate results.

What Awaits You:

🔬Diagnosing User Pain: Develop well-informed solution hypotheses based on data.
You will generate ideas for solving real problems in the product.

📋Treatment Plans for Validation: Navigate the process of UX validation under expert guidance.
You will craft plans to test the effectiveness of your hypotheses.

❓Prescribing the Right Questions: Practice the art of asking the most effective questions in usability tests.
You will generate questions and tasks to include in tests with users.

🚑Live-Feedback Therapy: Get live feedback on your ideas and questions.
You will learn from UX specialists who have conducted hundreds of UX studies.

Woman health worker emoji clipart. Free download transparent .PNG ...Meet the Testers: Watch real users navigating the designs.
You will gain a deep understanding of user struggles, triumphs, and needs.

📈Real Tests & Results: Gain insights from actual UX cases and their results.
You will witness how design decisions impacted user behavior and satisfaction.

You will walk out of this workshop with:

  1. a solid understanding of the value of iterative design and testing,
  2. the knowledge to apply usability tests in your work,
  3. and the confidence to actually try it and make it work.