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Focus on what really matters with Top Tasks (online)


If you’re designing or managing a complex website or app, how do you know what really matters? How do you clearly identify what really doesn’t matter – the often political or vanity stuff that is getting in the way?

Once you’ve identified what really matters, how do you ensure that these top tasks are easy to find?

Because the number one problem for users in websites and apps is confusing menus and links.

How do you ensure that they are easy to complete? As you change your website or app, how do you know that things are actually getting better.

Many redesigns, in fact, result in a decline in performance and user satisfaction.

Gerry McGovern developed Top Tasks and he’ll give you practical tips and insights on how to truly understand what matters most.

Гери МакГавърн

Гери МакГавърн

Founder & CEO at Top task management

Gerry has published eight books. His latest, World Wide Waste, examines the impact digital is having on the environment. He developed Top Tasks, a research method which helps identify what truly matters to people. The Irish Times has described Gerry as one of five visionaries who have had a major impact on the development of the Web.