Издание 2022   РаботилницаДен 1 (16 ноември, 2022)9:00-13:00 EET

Quantum design – OOUX


Using exercises, we will explain the object-oriented approach as a method of deconstructing a problem space first into its constituents and then of designing a problem solution based on the object domain-model.
We illustrate the deconstruction phase by analyzing areal-life domain. We will go through the steps of the object-oriented approach and build a domain model from four types of blocks:

  • Objects = the things that constitute the domain;
  • Attributes = the various characteristics of the objects;
  • Relationships = the connections between the objects;
  • Actions = the ways to manipulate the objects.

We will then use the domain model to start designing a sample application. We will design:

  • Navigation flows – how users will traverse the app;
  • Object cards – what info we show for an object and how we arrange it;
  • Nested objects – what object cards appear within other object cards;
  • Lists – what lists of objects we have and which attributes show up in a list;

You will:

  • Try the object-oriented approach end-to-end;
  • Acquire the basic skills for performing object analysis and building a domain model;
  • Pick up the gist of using the domain model to design interactions and interfaces;
  • Learn a new way of evaluating for gaps in existing products, services and content;
  • Broaden your perspective – you will be able to take a more holistic view of the products that you are working on;
  • Add a useful tool to your designer kit.
Делянка Сиракова

Делянка Сиракова

Designer at SAP

Delyanka is a certified OOUX strategist and passionate evangelist of the OOUX approach to design. Her university thesis is based on the OOUX methodology. She translated the object-oriented method in Bulgarian and is excited about spreading the word. She is also passionate about user-centric design, HCI, design research and cognitive sciences.

Delyanka is currently holding the position of User Experience Design Specialist at SAP. She has previous experience as a product designer for companies such as the Financial Times, Motion Software and a few startups.

Historical reenactment is the most unique activity that she does in her free time, alongside playing board games, sewing, oil-painting, hiking, and traveling. Exploring new places and cultures gives her energy.

Галя Дойчева

Галя Дойчева

Designer at SAP

Galya Doycheva is a software developer, an OOUX enthusiast, and a certified OOUX analyst.

She has spent more than 20 years in software development and development support. Galya is currently working on incorporating the OOUX methodology into the software development process of her team.

Having been in a development support role in SAP for over a decade, she has first-hand impressions of how customers use the products. She firmly believes that adopting the OOUX ideology and methods is key to making the products more intuitive and usable.