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Какво се хареса

“Имаше ценни лекции и запомнящи се лектори, имаше и доста абстрактни и особени такива, което е нормално – за всеки по нещо :).
Не очаквам всяка дума, която идва от подиума да е скъпоценна за мен. Храната беше чудесна! Но опашката за нея – твърде дълга.”

“The event was well organised and the companies exhibiting were interesting and relevant.”

“Great opportunity to meet like-minded UXers. The communication leading up to the even was active and informative. The registration on the day was well-organised. The length of the lectures was spot on (30min). Not too short, but also not too long. The breaks between the sessions were adequate and allowed for informal catch ups.”

“Everything was great.”

“Nothing to add to be honest – it was well balanced – with seminar day packed of insights and various topics covered.”

“Поздравления за чудесния обяд, който беше осигурен :).”

“Продължавайте да правите събития :)”

“Oнлайн организационната комуникация беше добре изпълнена.”

Какво можем да подобрим

“More topic related talks.”

“Lamps at the hall were unpleasant for the eyes.”

“Make the event a bit shorter – with 2 hour lunch break and 2-3 lectures less.”

“Some materials for taking notes would be good, also tables in the room, not only chairs will improve the experience.”

“Perhaps larger discussions on a certain topic between 3-4 speakers. Maybe debate.”

“Залата беше много светла и не се виждаше добре какво има на екрана.”

“You should find a way to facilitate networking – help and inceltivize attendees meet attendees.”

“It will be nice if you test to play all of the presentations before the actual day, because the technical issues were more than one.”

“Липсваше приятна музика в почивките, която да повдигне настроението.”

“Има нужда да има поне една две лекции за хора с повече опит с малко повече детайли.”

“There were no talks about Blockchain/NFTs – domains currently missing a lot on a proper UX. Nothing about UX in AI heavy products/services.”


Севил Рахимова: Клиника за ползваемост

“The workshop was great I really enjoyed it.”

“The training was good and focused – not trying to answer a lot of questions at once, but to bring a specific problem and to get the participants to think about it.”

“Чудесна презентация, представена достъпно и интересно. Научих нови неща и ми беше изключително полезна!”

Борил Караиванов: Дизайн на графичен интерфейс

“Много интересно представяне, с ясни насоки как да се прилагат.”

“This was a great foundational workshop, focusing on important and varying UI fundamentals… my only recommendation would be towards the task – the step by step approach is great but just to make the end goal clear from the start”

“There was a lot more theory than practice but for me this was not a problem. It was well structured training and the trainer managed to cover a lot of material in this one training. ”

Мартина Миц: Картографиране на изживявания 

“It was great that we had real world experience with real people. There were some additional resources given which was also very helpful – book recommendations, YouTube video. The downside for me was that there was not enough time for asking questions and there was not enough explanation around each of the techniques that were shown.”

“За да е по-пълноценен ъуркшопът, ще бъде по-лесно, да има материали и примери на масата за всеки. Така няма да се объркваме, как реално да започнем да сортираме данните си. За мен беше изключително интересно, но за да не се чувстваме, все едно не сме успели да си свършим задачата, времето да е преценено, кое реално е изпълнимо.”

“She was great, my only comment as stated above is that there should be more time for answering questions and more explanation of the methods shown. There were real life examples but it wasn’t very clear for me how and why they were used. ”

Паула Мариани: Проектирайте работния си живот

“It was very helpful, at first I was sceptical, but this knowledge is really practical in many ways from people in different fields.”

“She was really nice, share a lot of her experience and truly answer every question. I had an enthusiastic and wonderful experience.”