РаботилницаДен 1 (16 ноември, 2022)9:00-13:00 EETИздание: 2022

Quantum design – OOUX


Using exercises, we will explain the object-oriented approach as a method of deconstructing a problem space first into its constituents and then of designing a problem solution based on the object domain-model.
We illustrate the deconstruction phase by analyzing areal-life domain. We will go through the steps of the object-oriented approach and build a domain model from four types of blocks:

  • Objects = the things that constitute the domain;
  • Attributes = the various characteristics of the objects;
  • Relationships = the connections between the objects;
  • Actions = the ways to manipulate the objects.

We will then use the domain model to start designing a sample application. We will design:

  • Navigation flows – how users will traverse the app;
  • Object cards – what info we show for an object and how we arrange it;
  • Nested objects – what object cards appear within other object cards;
  • Lists – what lists of objects we have and which attributes show up in a list;

You will:

  • Try the object-oriented approach end-to-end;
  • Acquire the basic skills for performing object analysis and building a domain model;
  • Pick up the gist of using the domain model to design interactions and interfaces;
  • Learn a new way of evaluating for gaps in existing products, services and content;
  • Broaden your perspective – you will be able to take a more holistic view of the products that you are working on;
  • Add a useful tool to your designer kit.