Хавиер Куельо

Designer at Wise

Javier is a designer who loves to design everything he sees and lives, thinking how that could be better. Born in Mendoza, Argentina, Javier has spent the last 13 years officially based in Europe. He has also travelled all over the world — working remotely, teaching design, and getting to know new people and places.

During all this time, Javier has also worked for all kinds of companies and projects, big and small. Some of them were for companies such as Telefonica, Yahoo, Zara, UEFA and Carolina Herrera. Currently, he’s part of the Design Systems team at Wise in London.

Besides his full-time projects, Javier has co-authored and self-published a book on mobile app designs. This passion for writing has led him to regularly write on Smashing Magazine, where he has published several articles on topics from interface design, to design workflows, mindsets and more.